Types of Hearing Aids and their Benefits

The emergence of various types of hearing aids in the current market has been made possible by revolutions in a number of scientific and technology driven fields. These include:

  • The rise of digitization which currently incorporates the use of advanced chips.
  • Hearing and cognitive sciences that have made hearing loss a better understood subject, making diagnosis, management and curative measures for ailments that afflict the ears more efficient.
  • And the gains made in the successful fusion high-end wireless technology and hearing aids, in addition to the diversification of brands that have made types of hearing aids and prices more affordable.

Knowledge of different types of hearing aids that are currently available in the market can help you make informed decisions when the time to obtain one comes.



Microphone-in-Concha Hearing Aids

Also known as MIC, microphone-in-concha is designed to improve sound quality, giving your ears the ability to make natural and clear distinction between different sounds. It presents some of the latest trends in hearing aids’ customization as the main part of the hearing gadget fits inside your ear canal in a manner that makes it invisible to people around you. As a result of these, MIC offers:

  • High comfort levels
  • High performance owing to its ability to team up with the technology in its curved groove to enable it pair up with microphones.
  • Reliable hearing assistance for a long time without technical hitches.

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

There are different types of hearing aids that are the offspring of the latest technological advancement and behind-the-ear or BTE is one of them. These version of hearing gadgets account for nearly 60 percent of the hearing devices sold in big markets such as that of the United States’. There are two major reasons for BTEs’ soaring popularity. One happens to be their versatile aspects that enable you to match them with your skin tone, eye and hair color to give you a sharper sense of fashion. The other reason revolves around its endorsement by organizations owing to its customized ear molds that step up their efficiency.

Receiver-in-Ear Hearing Aids

Whether your current search is hinged on types of hearing aids for children or adults, this breed of hearing assistants is highly commendable for various reasons:

  • Just like the MIC types of hearing assistants, its small size makes it nearly invisible to those around you.
  • All its electronic components are housed by a small, elegant case that fits comfortably behind your ears.
  • It’s readily available, making it possible to obtain a new one without much hassle.

Completely-in-Canal Hearing Aids

Also referred to as CIC, these hearing devices’ design enables them to disappear in your hearing canal with an aim of boosting natural sound. This is made possible by a small battery and its tailored dimensions that are comparable to hearing devices that are obtainable under the care of liberty hearing aids.

Note that it’s significant to visit health experts who specialize on hearing loss and other complications for proper diagnosis before going for any of these types of hearing aids. It is important that you get its primary functional purpose before even considering its aesthetic appeal.